Satan's Chimney (2) - Episode 20 - Jonathan Creek Podcast

Satan’s Chimney (2) – Episode 20

Satan’s Chimney was the 2001 Christmas Special episode of Jonathan Creek. The special featured a curious vindictive religious zealot and a tragically complicated mother-son relationship. In this podcast Gerry and Iain take a look at the second half of the episode and a mystery unravelled.



Jonathan and Carla (Julia Sawalha) face up to the death of Alan Kalanak (Jay Benedict) on top of that of Vivian Brodie (Mary Tamm). Meanwhile Tom (Elliot Cowan) comes to terms with his role in Viv’s death and his place in the world.


Director Herman Grole (Steven Berkoff), actors Jodee Tressky (Lisa Stökke) and Bronson Peterman (Matt Rippy) and Raymond (Raymond Griffiths) keep their secrets, while Bill Bailey and James Saxon remain involved as Kenny Starkiss and Inspector Bullstrode respectively.


Satan’s Chimney was again written by the show’s creator, David Renwick. Sandy Johnson made a pleasing return as director while Verity Lambert remained as producer.


Satan’s Chimney was released in 2001. It is 120 minutes long and originally aired on the BBC. The episode is strangely missing from Netflix in the UK and Ireland, but the entire series is available on DVD in the UK and other countries, including a comprehensive box set of all the episodes up until Christmas 2016, released by the BBC.

16 thoughts to “Satan’s Chimney (2) – Episode 20”

  1. I liked this episode was really good I thought. Loved all the characters and the story. I think Jonathan was very different in the episode and I did think was awkward why he would ask Carla to distract Jodie. Like he did. Seemed off for his character really. I guess before Carla, Maddie would ask Jonathan to be a distraction. So can see it both ways. Got to make sacrifices to find answers in this business! Overall a good episode I have watched many times. Great to hear your views on this. I also loved bill bailey in this brilliant part to play.

  2. Hey Jerry and Iain, another topnotch podcast for an enjoyable Creek episode. We actually started part one and got a few minutes into it before realizing we hadn’t actually gotten round to watching Satan’s Chimney yet. Had to put you on hold while we gave the episode a go!

    More than once I’ve thought some of the hour long shows could have benefited from a little extra time, and often find the two hour episodes to be more well rounded. Although I wonder if folks found themselves just ten or fifteen minutes shy of the needed run-time this time around, and that’s where the ridiculous ending with Tom in the mobile home came from. Other than that, a great episode all round. Missing Maddy but Carla was an enjoyable replacement.

    Really enjoying listening to the two of you carry on–I got the sense that maybe you weren’t enjoying yourselves quite as much in a few of the earlier Creek podcasts, but you seem to to be having a lot of fun at this point and it shows–several times the missus and I were laughing out loud alongside you as we listened. Great stuff!

    1. In shock you had missed this episode! I also prefer the longer episodes they seem to set the scene better. It is definitely one of the better episodes of creek I’ve enjoyed. I too find myself laughing along with Jerry and iain. Great job guys!!

      1. Well, to be clearer Kiara, I meant we hadn’t gotten round to re-watching the episode, as we’ve been doing with each one before listening to its associated podcast. We have seen Satan’s Chimney a couple of times in the past. We actually have all the Creeks up through Series 5 on disc. BUT, we haven’t ever seen the newest special, “Daemons’ Roost,”yet…. 😉

        1. Oh right! That’s cool. I’ve watched so many times I know lines off by heart! I really should get out more lol. Yeah I have all on dvd too. I’m not so keen on the newer episodes as much. Be interesting to hear what Jerry and iain think. Maybe need to give more of a chance and watch again.

          1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to their take on the newer ones, too. Hey, is that a photo of you and Alan Davies next to your comments? Too small to see for sure, but it looks like him….

          2. Yeah it is! He thinks I’m a nutter tho I got star struck and just talked rubbish to him lol seen him a few times now he’s doing stand up again.

          3. Ah, that’s the ticket! Definitely Alan Davies. Quite cool you got to say hello. I’m sure he’s used to people losing themselves a bit when meeting him–most likely didn’t think you’re a nutter. 😉 I’d love to see him in person. Wonder if he’s ever done a stand up tour in the U.S.?

          4. Ah wow! That’s something I don’t know about Alan. If he has toured u.s. or not. well…i can say he was very shy when I met him didn’t say much just thanks and smiled like he was scared of me! Haha. (I did tell him I love him and think he’s amazing, was prob a bit much for him bless) I don’t think he likes the ‘fame’ he’s quite a private person. It’s only this last few tours he has started talking about his children in his stand up.

          5. Yeah he strikes me as a fairly private person. I’ve caught some of his standup that’s available over here on video (most of it’s from his earlier years), and he’s written a book (or two) I wouldn’t mind reading. My wife and I recently watched Bob and Rose, thought that was brilliant! Not a lot of his other stuff readily available over here though. I have a few other series he’s been in on my Amazon list for future purchase….

          6. I never watched Bob and rose but it’s ment to be good. I loved him in a series called the brief he was a lawyer, Struggling with gambling problems. Was really good but only made a handful of episodes. QI is good also which he regularly appears on. I have all his stand up stuff on old school VHS and recent DVDs I have signed when I saw him.

          7. Yeah, Bob and Rose was amazing–cool to see Davies in a more dramatic role. I mean, it was still a comedy, but had a lot more drama than Creek does, and it was cool to see him doing something a bit deeper. We’ve got The Brief and Whites on our list to buy at some point–they’re only available in Region 2 (UK) DVD, but we’ve got an old all-region DVD player here which would let us watch them. 🙂 Also looking forward to reading his book, Rebel Without A Clue: How The 80s Made Me. QI is available here for streaming, but requires a subscription I don’t necessarily want to pay for. Have to see if I can find some on disc….

          8. Awesome! I have both his books but couldn’t get into them as he talks about stuff before I was born lol! I’m sure one day I will pick them up and try again. Aw nice to know you have same problems as us. When we want to watch American programmes. Yeah have to subscribe to everything these days.

          9. Hah! I’d probably enjoy them as I’m only a year and a bit younger than he is. Has he written two books? I thought it was the same book republished with a different title…. Yeah, hate the subscription thing–was so mad when suddenly my paying for Amazon Prime video wasn’t enough anymore–now I’ve got to add additional subscriptions to watch half the stuff that used to be part of my Prime subscription? Grrr. I’ve mostly said no thanks to the additional subs–we stick to Amazon Prime and Netflix, mostly….

          10. Yeah he has two books one about his teenage years and the other about his life in general I think. They are different tho. Aw I just watch old stuff mainly. Jonathan creek, open all hours, Sherlock. Started watching columbo now lol I feel old but ppl say I’m young.

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